Names Is For Tombstones, Baby (yagathai) wrote,
Names Is For Tombstones, Baby

People cannot give their opinion whilst they reside in the fleshy blubbery horde of useless matter that is the average human herd. Our Spearwives are not attractive to ye “normal guys” because you are attracted to an illusion... Beast men and Berserkers will never want a normal woman, not a ‘real’ woman, not an average woman, you can keep them, and whilst you’re settling for normal we’ll enjoy sheer superiority.

I think that is Stego's natural evolution, don't you?

The Centurion Method is a Revolutionary Training Program for the Post-Apocalyptic Hominid.

We are creating human beings cast of iron and cooled in blood and sweat. We worship at the altar of steel and wood, stone and muscle; kneeling statues of chiselled gods hewn straight out of the bedrock from which they spawned.

Using the Guerrilla and Primal training programs we prepare the human body for whatever the cruelty of nature may thrust upon it. Survival of the Fittest is her mantra, death her husband, and the cry of ‘LIFE’ hot on our lips. We do not mess around.
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